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We bring an edge to increase profitability with the help of technology and data for your event all while turning customers into loyal fans.

It’s our mission to deliver event technology that transforms the way you plan & organize events and giving you time back so you can focus on what’s most important – delivering an unforgettable fan experience.

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Delivering a great experiences is no easy feat, which is why it’s our mission to deliver event technology that transforms the way you plan & organize events.


Improve guest experience

Cashless payments delivers fast&secure transactions, improves health and safety, enabling attendees to spend less time waiting in lines and more time enjoying the event.


Increase event profitability

With faster payments, speed of service is increased, waiting lines are smaller, and spend per head is increased by up to 30%.


Collect powerful
event data

Thanks to the Payvent, you’ll collect immense amounts of insights from participants and their onsite behaviour, helping to identify customer pain points and optimise operations.


Create safer events

Payvent makes events safer for everyone. Reduced queues, payment at a distance and no cash will reassure guests and employees.



Manage vendors with ease

No matter the size of the event, whether there are 2 vendors or 200+, Payvent will train and equip them with the proper tools to sell with ease, while providing transparent reports to the organizer.



Eliminate ticket fraud

Payvent’s technology improves operational efficiencies through real-time traffic data, frictionless crowd control and protection against ticket fraud.


The success platform!

Part of our mission to help organizers, we are building a suite of products to help them manage every important aspect of their events journey.

Make more money

Built with bank grade security, our cashless solution works 100% offline and provides you with the features and devices to optimise operations and increase profitability by up to 30%!

Better planning

Payvent is about the value of data and how it can reshape customer relationships in a big way. Organizers that double down on data can make customers infinitely happy and make better decisions for next editions.

Keep control

Our access control solution is suited for any situation, helping you to optimise control entry flow, track in real time the number of people at the event and making sure no one can access with a fake ticket. Define the access types and access zones and you are ready to go!

Start selling now

With our ticketing & registration solution, you can simply create and publish your event with a few clicks and start selling your tickets online. Set up your customized ticketing module then integrate it to your website, send invitations & create promotions, view your stats, secure payments and much more.

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From music festivals, conferences and fundraisers, to gaming competitions and sport contests, we want to inspire you to transform your vision into an experience people will love.


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Don’t just take our words for it

George B.

Sunwaves Festival

 “With the state-of-the-art system that Payvent offers, we now have access to never seen before sales and behavioural data, while being confident that no transaction is lost due to network failure”

Narcisa A.

Nostalgia Festival

“We were looking for a partner with a great expertise to enhance our festival experience and when we met the guys from Payvent we knew they were the right team. They helped us increase our profitabillty with almost 20% and with the reduced queue times our customers spent more time enjoying our event.”

Granit B.

UNUM Festival

“It was a pleasure working with the Payvent team and they are one of those companies who truly understand the value of a partnership. They deliver on time what we need and enables us to deliver a seamless customer experience with their access and cashless solutions.”

Vlad M.

Hip Hop Takeovers

“The Payvent team took the time to understand our needs and help us implement our first cashless event. Since our first meeting we could count on their support and expertise and their system worked extremely well. The event reporting  provided was very informative and useful for planning our next event”

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